A Luxurious Getaway

The story began back in 1999, when "GORAKHA Department Store" started its operation with a small outlet. Over the years, by dint of hard work and seamless efforts, GORAKHA has become one of the leading brands contributing significantly to the social and economic development of the region, creating employment opportunities to more than 1400 individuals. Adding another feather to its cap, it now proudly presents luxurious hotel that offers 42 rooms & a LOUNGE with rooftop cityscape view at the heart of the city.

We have Gorakha Department Store with its five branches including Gorakha Bakery, dealership of miniso in eastern region.



Besides Gorakha Department Store, Itahari
16 KM South from Dharan
25 KM North from Biratnagar Airport
165KM east from Illam 
30 KM North from Gogbani (Biratnagar Border)